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Logistics is no problem when done by people who regard it not as their work, but as their hobby. But done on a professional level. Jaroslav Horký (owner)

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Vehicle fleet

The company J. Horký spedittrans s. r. o. is a private company owned by owners, Mr. Jaroslav Horký and Mrs Ilona Horká. The company has been active in the Czech market since 1992 and has about 20 employees.

It is active in the branch of land transport, goods storage and supplying companies. As for the land transport it focuses on central and south European Union, Macedonia, Albania and all countries of former Yugoslavia.

In 2010 Spedittrans entered in the commodity shipments market (compound, cereals, raw materials for the food industry). For this purposes we bought trucks with sliding floor (known as Walking Floor) and folding trailers with capacity of 50m3.

Vehicle fleet
Vehicle fleet
Walking Floor

Company's main activities

We specialize in transport in the Balkans, i.e. the former Yugoslavia including Macedonia and Greece. Our firm tries to fill up the gap in the market with our activities where big forwarders are heavy-handed and small forwarders have not enough capacities for quick changes and customers needs.

Our company is engaged in exports of raw materials for feed mixtures of sugar factories: Tereos TTD - Dobrovice and České Meziříčí - or from plants engaged in the production of biofuel admixtures (PREOL - Lovosice, Setuza - Ústí nad Labem or Ethanol Energy - Vrdy). Our company's inporting this raw materials into Italy and southern Austria.

We offer

  • carload shipments
  • consolidated carloads (Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Bosna and Herzegovina)
  • commodity shipments for Spain, France and Italy region

And how is our motto - we always offer you something extra. Feel free to contact us!

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