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Logistics is no problem when done by people who regard it not as their work, but as their hobby. But done on a professional level. Jaroslav Horký (owner)

Regular tracks

Our trucks are passing regularly in the following cities and countries. We can forward your pallete goods loads, as well as individual variety of goods.

For more transportation options, please contact us!


CZ - PL (Poznan - Warsaw)
CZ - SLO - HR - BIH (Ljubljana - Varaždin - Sarajevo)
CZ - A - I (Vienna - Milan)
CZ - SRB (Novi Sad - Beograd)

Bulk commodity shipments

Our tilting trailers and Walking Floor trailers (known also as trailers with sliding floor) regularly go the following tracks. But apart from regular routes you can see our trucks in other destinations.

Destination map


CZ - I (two trucks)
CZ - F - E (two trucks)


CZ - I (one truck)


CZ - I (two trucks)
CZ - F - E (two trucks)

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