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Logistics is no problem when done by people who regard it not as their work, but as their hobby. But done on a professional level. Jaroslav Horký (owner)

Vehicle fleet

For all of your shipments, we are trying to find the optimal type of transport - fast and friendly to your wallet. Therefore our company has several types of trucks. With many years of satisfaction with the cooperation with Iveco trucks our company use them exclusively.

Pallete goods forwarding

Our company is the owner of vehicles with the load capacity of from 1 500 kg to 25 000 kg. All vehicles including truck trains are suitable for international transport in TIR regime.

We have a contract on other vehicles as well.

Bulk commodity shipments

In 2010 Spedittrans entered in the bulk commodity shipments market (for example compound, cereals or raw materials for the food industry). For this purposes we bought trailers with sliding floor (Walking Floor system) and tipping trailers with capacity of 50 and 60 m3.

Walking Floor trailer with truck Tipping trailer with truck Detail of Walking Floor trailer

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